Stress in the Payroll & HR Administration department

Just as the wingman supports the pilot in a potentially dangerous flying environment, our HR Wings consultants are tasked with improving your company's flexibility in the critical area of Payroll & HR administration. They are there to keep your department in the air in times of need.

You may well recognize any number of these situations that can leave the correct calculation of your payroll in jeopardy:

  • Your HR department only has so many employees who have to cope with an increasing workload as you grow or as socio-legal complexities increase;
  • Your payroll administrator is absent for several weeks due to illness;
  • You have a maternity leave coming up that needs covering;
  • Complicated calculations such as end of year premiums leave you scratching your head;
  • You are implementing a new payroll tool that needs to be tested by a professional;
  • ...

If your payroll and HR administration department is under undue pressure, HR Wings offers the perfect solution and helps you stay on course.

Advantages of HR Wings

Companies that consult Pro-Pay's HR Wings do so for several reasons:

  • Professionalism: The HR Wings are well trained and experienced consultants in payroll & HR administration. You benefit from the practical experience they have gained during assignments at other companies.
  • Flexibility: HR Wings can assist you temporarily (for a limited period of time) or on a structural basis (continuously for 2 days a week). These specialists can take care of clearly defined projects (e.g. holiday payment calculation) or manage an entire process from A to Z.
  • Continuity: From the moment HR Wings starts assisting you, you will benefit from continuity. Whether it's a temporary backlog that needs clearing, a maternity leave that needs covering or a role that needs filling whilst you search for the candidate with the right payroll & HR skills, with HR Wings by your side everything will stay up and running.
  • Cost efficiency: Forget about pricey social law courses to keep your staff updated. Your HR Wings budget is agreed prior to the start, without hidden or unexpected costs.
  • Multilingualism: HR Wings consultants communicate in Dutch, French and English with your employees, your payroll & HR staff members and/or your management.
  • Mobility: HR Wings is a mobile service. Our consultants can be present on your premises, or work from Pro-Pay's central office if that's more preferable.
  • Powered by Pro-Pay: HR Wings is powered by Pro-Pay. The consultants are highly qualified and have received extensive training in national and international payroll structures and labour legislation. Regardless the payroll software you are using in your organization, HR Wings consultants are able to assist you in the daily payroll issues that tend to arise when employing personnel.

Tasks of HR Wings

Typically, HR Wings will handle the following tasks at your premises:

  • Gathering and centralising all the necessary information regarding the monthly salaries;
  • Preparing the monthly salary information;
  • Verification of the computations;
  • Bonus input for sales staff;
  • Keeping the vacation files, sick leave and other employee absences up to date;
  • Updating personnel data in your payroll software;
  • Liaising with other, third party providers (such as the group insurance company);
  • Preparation of company specific HR reports for internal or external reporting;
  • HR administration (preparing standard labour contracts, etc…).

This list is non-exhaustive and will be adjusted according to your needs.

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